Growing up in the Santa Cruz Mountains


Mountain Life

I love the fact you can drive down the road and wave at friends you know.....and hell you probably will be drinking a beer with them later that day. I love the fact everyone is pretty laid back and neighbors know each other..Anyone for BBQ?. I enjoy the fact I can chill out relax NOT hearing the city noise. I love the fact  at night you can look up and see the night sky and here coyote's screeching in the background. I respect the fact I grew up in an environment  that was NOT surrounded by pavement and was NOT surrounded by buildings. There was endless landscapes and forests of exploration. I could find any tree and build my fort. I could spend hours hiking with my dog and find no end. I could take a nap in a field of grass and not worry someone would cross my path. The Santa Cruz Mountains have so much to offer and I feel like there is so much to learn about them.

In 2002 I designed the logo you see on my screened clothing. It breaks down too I wanted a Santa Cruz Mountains T-shirt ever since I could remember...... so I decided to create a design......yea that simple….. 

I grew up in the Santa Cruz Mountains and always wanted a shirt that symbolizes the coolest place on earth. So one day I sat down and started drawing out ideas. I ended up with a logo I liked and printed a very small run of T-shirts and sold them to friends and family. Slowly over a first  few years I ended up going to a few mountain festivals and selling them at some stores. I have normal 9-6 job, and consider this T-shirt thing a hobby though it has grown over the last 4 years thanks to you. Its great to get out and meet other mountain folks and I am very happy when people dig the logo and my new designs. I appreciate all the positive feedback over the last 10 years.

Santa Cruz Mountains Clothing Thanks YOU! I really appreciate everyone who has bought one of my shirts, hats, beer koozie or whatever. 

Cheers to good times and good people.
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